Privacy Policy

We at always focus on quality and the price advantage but we are very well aware that we are associated with such industry where the design of the products easily gets duplicated. But our values, beliefs, culture and service can’t be gets copied. We have some policy and rules to serve our primary motto. We are very well aware about significance of your time, so simply take a look at our policies.

While shopping online via our website, you will be asked to input your personal information like name, email id, contact details, billing address, delivery address, items detail, debit card or other payment information & password.

By accessing our website, We will collect information like Internet Protocol (IP) address, routing though the site, the systems and programs used, time spent by user, location and other such information may be stored on our server.

We are entitle to share your personal information with our logistic partner as they are going to delivers your order as without such information shipping cannot be possible. We will ensure you that your information will not be disclosed or sell or shared to any third party. We might need to share your information with third parties in certain circumstances than in that case we agree with such parties that they will keep that information secure and not use it for other purpose.

We are using Direct Bank Transfer, Cheques, and Razorpay on our behalf, it’s now trustable source for payment and also it is 100% safe and secure. Payment card such as Visa, MaterCard, American Experss, Discover Credit cards including account transfer option are available. Your payment will be on firm name Pracham Creation, is a website managed by proprietor firm Pracham creation.

We accept payments through debit card, credit cards, cheques / demand drafts, direct bank transfer and money order. Payment with such medium must be received within 7 business days of shopping date of the product. Shipment will not be processed until cash transaction is not received at our bank or location.

In any circumstances orders gets cancelled, the user will be notified within 24 to 72 working hours of the problem and it is then customers responsibilities to update the order with their correct information within 48 hours.

Any kind of your payment details are not store in our server. However, just to inform while shopping through any online venue, caution must be practiced. To ensure safe and secure online shopping experience, one must have to note the guidelines for the same.